AXIS Dance Company is celebrating 25 Years of Inspired Dance!









Be a part of AXIS’ amazing journey! By donating any amount, big or small, you will help AXIS in our quest to make sure everyone can dance over the next 25 years!

Here are the top 5 reasons to give to AXIS for our 25th Anniversary:


elevate from chair

 1) AXIS creates and performs great dances by phenomenal dance makers

“Bill T. Jones remarkably overturned expectations in  ‘Fantasy in C Major’.  Turning the whole concept of choreography upside down, Jones created a work where the dancers moved in perfect step, looking as joyous as the music…” – Chistie Taylor, Boston Herald (2001)



decorum2) AXIS has opened up all new possibilities for movement in dance

“The essence of modern dance is the search for new and revealing ways for the human body to move in space, and AXIS Dance Company is in the forefront of this quest.” – Andrew Gilbert, San Jose Mercury News



3) AXIS gives people new ways in which to view the world around them

“If art is supposed to change how we think, how we view the world, then credit AXIS Dance Company for a blazing artistic vision.” – Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune



kids class4) AXIS makes people happy and makes them want to dance

“AXIS is the best place to go. I want to go there everyday. It’s better than Chucky Cheese. And better than volcanoes.” – Devin, 1st Grade Student

“When I grow up, I want to be a dancer too! But I need to practice so I could be a good dancer.” – Alvin, 1st Grade Student
AXISDanceCompany5) AXIS inspires people to celebrate their individuality and to share their stories

“One of my students was so moved by the program that he shared a deforming burn on his legs and his skin graph areas resulting from a severe burn when he was 4 years old. He visibly showed strength and joy amidst other students who were shocked yet compassionate and curious.” – Elementary School Teacher



We need your support to continue this work!

  • Give $25  – If 2,000 people give $25 we could raise half of our dancers salaries for the year.
  • Give $25/month – Using our recurring donation feature for the next year would cover the cost for AXIS to provide one school assembly in a local public school.
  • Give $ 250 - Your one donation would cover one dancer’s health insurance costs for one month.
  • Give $2,500 - Your contribution of $2500 or more could cover tuition scholarships for five adults from around the world to attend our unparalleled annual Physically Integrated Dance Summer Intensive, one of the only professional training opportunities of it’s kind world-wide.

Consider making your donation now!

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