Dance Access/KIDS!

Dance Access KIDS for dance classes for kids of all abilities

Our Programs

Dance Classes — Offered in our studio or in your school for youth of all abilities. View our class schedule for upcoming classes. If you are interested in signing up for classes,  please email Annika Presley, Education Director.

 Summer Movement Camp for youth — Get inMotion! is modeled after our successful Physically Integrated Summer Intensive for Adults. Campers age 13-19 are welcome to join.

School Assemblies — AXIS dancers with and without disabilities perform innovative choreography that demonstrates how people with differences can work together. Includes interactive participation by students, plus candid discussion and Q&A  with AXIS dancers. View our AXIS Teacher’s Guide for more information.

In-Theater Performances — Youth experience the thrill of seeing an interactive AXIS performance in a formal theater setting, followed by Q&A.

Classroom Visits — AXIS dancers make 30-minute visits to allow students to meet dancers one-on-one and to learn about dance, working artists, and disability. Includes a video-presentation, Q&A session, and an in-classroom creative dance experience.

In-School Residencies— Through a series of classes over several weeks, students learn creative dance – exploring their own dance vocabulary, building confidence, and practicing cooperation and appreciation for each other’s creative expression.

Teacher Trainings — Teachers are given the tools to create an inclusive creative dance environment in their classroom. Includes video-presentation & participating movement exercises.


Get Involved

Parents – Give your child the chance to explore the joy of dance! Our programs are for children with or without disabilities. Enroll your child in our dance program or contact your child’s school and ask them to invite AXIS to make a presentation.

Educators – Provide your students with a mind-opening experience they won’t forget! Invite AXIS to make a presentation about dance and disability through an affordably priced assembly, residency or classroom visit.

Social Service & Health Care Providers – Refer families with a child with special needs or disability to our inclusive programs.

Donors – Your tax-deductible donation or grant will help us continue our work educating children and adults about dance and disability. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Fees & Availability
Please contact the AXIS office to determine the availability of the company and the Dance Access teaching team for future engagements, (510) 625-0110 or  email. The fees for our services range depending on the program, number of engagements, length of engagement, number of AXIS dancers required and distance to which the company travels for the engagement. It is our goal to reach as many communities and schools as possible with our unique performances and education programs. If there are other schools or organizations within your area that could benefit from AXIS’ programs around the same time of your event, we often negotiate a fee based on multiple engagements within one area.

Download Dance Access/KIDS! brochure

Innovative Dance Education for Kids & Teens of All Abilities

What would childhood be without the chance to explore the possibilities of our mind and bodies? Dance Access/KIDS! is a unique program that introduces youth of all abilities to the joy of dance – through education about dance, disability, and creative collaboration. At AXIS we believe everyone can dance – and we prove it every day!

Download our Dance Access/KIDS! brochure for more information