AXIS Artistic Director says: Combining dancers with vastly different physicalities radically expands the palette of movement in fascinating ways

What is a typical performance like?  Virtuosic, unexpected, welcoming, cool, thoughtful, beautiful, kinetic, athletic and innovative.   Brenda Way, Artistic Director of ODC had this to say:  “I love the wide ranging and dynamic visionunique, unexpected, touching, powerful and glorious physicality.”

AXIS redefines traditional notions of dance, providing choreographers with the tools to explore a new movement vocabulary and expand their choreographic voice. The result is a collaborative communication between all the dancers on stage, which AXIS has termed ‘physically integrated dance.’

As a repertory company, performances highlight the talents of several renowned contemporary choreographers and composers, allowing the audience to experience different choreographic and musical styles.  Ultimately, AXIS is building a new dance audience by presenting cutting-edge and professional work that is accessible to all and is relevant to disabled people.

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Performance Dates

8/9/14  1:00-2:30p AXIS Summer Intensive Showing, Malonga

8/27/14-8/30/14 Gathered Together- Glasgow, Scotland

9/27/14 6:00pm-10:00pm AXIS Benefit Auction, Malonga

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Hear Judith Smith, AXIS Artistic Director and founding member, describing the work.