AXIS is an internationally renowned repertory company. We are honored to commission some of the most highly respected contemporary choreographers and composers, who create new dances for us. Often these are accompanied by original music compositions. We typically commission one choreographer a year in addition to new repertory pieces from our own AXIS company choreographers. Enjoy watching a few selections from our repertory below.

AXIS Dancers in Full of Words

Full of Words (2011)

Choreography by Marc Brew / Original Score: Dan Wool
“As if peering through the windows of three different rooms, UK-based choreographer Marc Brew challenges us to think about how we might exist with each other in passion and conflict. The physical conversations, encounters and interventions told through Brew’s edgy, intricate movement vocabulary, ask questions of what it is to be human and who might dance.“- Judith Smith
AXIS Dancers perform "The Narrowing"

The Narrowing (2010)

Choreography by Sebastian Grubb / Original Score: Michael Wall
“The Narrowing explores the nature of performance itself from the performer’s perspective. Utilizing gesture mashing, deconstruction, shifting perspectives and obstructing views, we examine the meaning of dance presentation and how it establishes or breaks down specific relationships.” – Sebastian Grubb


See a video of AXIS Dancers performing "Light Shelter"

Light Shelter (2009)

Choreography by David Dorfman in collaboration with the dancers / Original Score: Composed by Albert Mathias & Michael Wall
“Those who come into the theater will be pulled in by the speed, daring and physical skill that are the hallmarks of a dance company committed to the pursuit of artistic excellence.” –Allan Ulrich, SF Gate


See AXIS Dancers performing "To Color Me Different" as seen on So You Think You Can Dance

To Color Me Different (2008)

Choreography by Alex Ketley in collaboration with the dancers / Text: Improvised by the dancers and arranged by Carol Snow. Underlying Sound Score: Fink, Philip Jeck, Hecker collaged by Tar@JMB
Choreographer Alex Ketley in collaboration with poet Carol Snow created this duet, a tidal wave of engaging momentum. “Ketley fashioned a ferocious love duet for AXIS. There seemed to be something both primal and oddly romantic watching Sonsherée Giles and Rodney Bell.” – Allan Ulrich, Voice of Dance.
See a video of AXIS Dancers performing "the beauty that was mine" with one dancer spinning on a wheelchair wheel.

the beauty that was mine, through the middle, without stopping (2007)

Choreographed by Joe Goode / Music: A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Waltz for Strings and Tuba; Paul Cantelon from the “Everything is Illuminated” soundtrack, Little Jonathan/The Wall & Prologue/Babushka
“What do we see? Is the actuality of the “seen” entity ever close to what we presume it to be? Is “seeing” somehow limited? Does it imply an unnecessary separation between viewer and viewed? It has been my delight to explore these questions with my AXIS collaborators. I am indebted to them for their willingness to reveal themselves and to take this journey with me.” – Joe Goode


AXIS Dancers perform in "Terre Brune"

Terre Brune (2005)

Choreographed by Sonya Delwaide / Music: Original score composed and performed by Joan Jeanrenaud
“Delwaide’s rough hewn modernist language is efficient and focused… Jeanrenaud carves out pizzicato passages with uncommon vigor.” -Allan Ulrich, Voice of Dance