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Why Support Us?

While our first commitment is to artistic excellence, we acknowledge the social and cultural value imbued in our work. Despite considerable progress in acceptance of people with disabilities in our society, it is still uncommon to see people with and without disabilities collaborating and performing as equals.

Thus, we feel AXIS is changing the world of dance and disability. The dance world is continually fascinated by what we create because of our physical diversity – mainly the addition of wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment onstage.   People with disabilities are thrilled to see dance that is relevant, accessible and reflects something of their experience.

As a unique dance company which uplifts and inspires participants, we believe AXIS Dance Company fulfills an otherwise unmet need within our community.  We aspire to continue creating exceptional contemporary dance that is truly making a difference.

AXIS has been verified as a finically responsible charity by Philanthropedia. Find more reasons on why to support us here.

Ways To Donate

AXIS is a 501c3 public benefit organization, which means your donation is tax deductible! Learn ways to support our organization with a donation.

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AXIS Donor Quote: AXIS reminds us that within every limitation, the number of possibile artistic choices is limitless. And the most stirring art occurs when a human being strains against those limits.